When you use oxygen as a medical treatment, it is called oxygen therapy or supplemental oxygen. Most pulmonary fibrosis patients need oxygen at some point during their treatment. You may need oxygen all day long, or only at night or when you exercise. Each PF patient's oxygen needs are unique and depend on the severity of their disease and lifestyle. Your doctor will have you perform a simple walking test to see if you need supplemental oxygen.

You will monitor your oxygen levels at home using handheld pulse oximeters (available over the counter in many pharmacies). You will aim to maintain your oxygen saturation level above 90 percent throughout the day and night.

"[Using] oxygen can be daunting at first but will help to greatly improve your quality of life. It will allow you to still participate in daily life while preventing your body from straining too hard to breathe." —PF Patient

Getting started with oxygen can be challenging but most PF patients find that oxygen doesn't limit their lives—it actually allows them to do more.

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"Pulmonary fibrosis patients face a unique set of challenges with oxygen use. Some patients require very high oxygen flows, especially as the disease progresses. It really helps to have a home care company and a pulmonologist who has experience advocating for patients needing higher oxygen flows at home." —Mark, respiratory therapist and Lung HelpLine counselor.

Page last updated: June 7, 2024

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