The American Lung Association produces detailed reports on lung health issues that inform the work of public health advocates, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. 

  • State of Lung Cancer
    The American Lung Association's "State of Lung Cancer" report analyzes national and state lung cancer statistics to show how the toll of lung cancer varies across the country and how every state and the nation can do more to protect residents from lung cancer.
  • Lung Cancer Trends Brief
    This publication reports on the burden of lung cancer, examining incidence, mortality and other important measures of disease magnitude.
  • Addressing the Stigma of Lung Cancer
    This issue brief examines the stigma of lung cancer and makes recommendations for reducing it.
  • Estimated Prevalence and Incidence of Lung Disease
    This publication examines several lung diseases, including lung cancer. It discusses the estimated number of new cases (incidence) of lung cancer. Use this report to find data for your county and state.
  • Lung Health Barometer
    The annual Lung Health Barometer surveys over 1,000 American adult women and men to measure their awareness, knowledge and perceptions about lung cancer.
  • State of the Air
    The "State of the Air" report grades cities and counties affected by the most widespread types of air pollution. The report also ranks both the cleanest and most polluted areas in the country. Breathing in polluted air can increase your risk of lung disease. Find out how your area ranks and what you can do to take action.
  • State of Tobacco Control
    The "State of Tobacco Control" report tracks progress on key tobacco control policies. Published annually, the federal government, all 50 state governments and the District of Columbia are graded to determine if tobacco control laws are adequately protecting citizens from the enormous toll tobacco use takes on lives and the economy. Find out how your state ranks and learn how to take steps to improve tobacco control where you live. Reducing exposure to tobacco smoke is one way to protect your lungs.

Page last updated: November 17, 2022

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