Every day researchers are working hard to defeat lung cancer and improve the quality of life for those living with the disease. Now you can be part of that research and help move it forward.

The Lung Cancer Registry collects detailed medical information about people who have been touched by lung cancer (those diagnosed as well as guardians, caretakers and representatives). Researchers can study the health data in the registry from you and thousands of other lung cancer patients. This leads to a better understanding of the disease and can ultimately produce better outcomes for patients. In addition, by participating in the Registry, you will be able to learn about new clinical trial opportunities that may help in your own treatment program.

The Lung Cancer Registry takes your privacy very seriously. Only trained registry managers will have access to your identifying information. Your identity, such as your name or email address, is shared only if you request it, otherwise, all personal identifiers, are removed before they are shared.

If you have any form or stage of lung cancer, join the Lung Cancer Registry by simply completing the form at LungCancerRegistry.org. Registered participants can:

  • Set contact preferences.
  • Compare and share lung cancer experiences with others in the Registry.
  • Receive information about research opportunities or other relevant news.

Together, with your participation in the Lung Cancer Registry, we can build the knowledge base to make a bigger impact in the fight against lung cancer.

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The Lung Cancer Registry is supported by the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer and American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE.

Page last updated: November 17, 2022

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