Landmark Inflation Reduction Law will Benefit Lung Health!

Signed into law on August 16, the Inflation Reduction Act represents the most significant federal investment in history to tackle climate change and a major step forward for cleaning up air pollution. It also includes provisions to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare, preserving healthcare for 3.4 million Americans and capping annual prescription drug costs for seniors. Advocates like you played a major role in this victory. Thank you for urging Congress to invest in a healthier future. Read our statement and our new blog. Then, take the next step and call on Congress to fully fund the agencies tasked with implementing this historic piece of legislation. Take action.

American Lung Association Lung Health Cohort Research Study Now Enrolling

Little is currently known about the evolution of lung disease and how a young, healthy adult's lung function changes over time. Made possible by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the American Lung Association Lung Health Cohort is the first-ever longitudinal lung health study following 4,000 healthy individuals between the ages of 25 and 35 aiming to unlock the mysteries of lung disease. This information could help uncover why lung disease develops, so we can ultimately stop it in its tracks. To learn more, visit:

IRB00236497 | Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Sugar

How Has the Lung Association Touched You?

Our work at the American Lung Association impacts millions of lives every year. Are YOU one of them? Can we share YOUR story?

  • Did we help you quit smoking or help keep your child from starting?
  • Do you find compassion and support in one of our support groups?
  • Did we help you manage your lung disease or make treatment decisions?
  • Did we convince you to get screened for lung cancer?
  • Did we help make your child’s school “asthma friendly?”
  • Did we help your workplace become smokefree?
  • Has your life been touched by our research?
  • Did we help you get into a research clinical trial?
  • Is the air where you live cleaner and healthier?

If the Lung Association had a positive impact on you or a loved one in these or any other way, we’d love to hear from you! Please let us know at [email protected].

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from COVID-19:
Learn what to do to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Learn more about the BA.5 variant. Please GIVE to the COVID-19 Action Initiative so we can help end COVID-19 and defend against future respiratory viruses. Find the latest information at and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram social channels and share these timely messages with your network.


Fall Treks and Walks are Coming Soon! Show your support for lung health and help drive our lifesaving mission forward. Explore our events that appeal to a full range of interests.

Make a Difference with a Vehicle Donation: Did you know that you can donate a vehicle to the Lung Association? Your donation will provide funding for important research, education and advocacy that can help save lives. Learn more about our Vehicle Donation Program. Donating is easy with free pick-up and support – in fact, each vehicle donation is tax deductible!


LUNG FORCE Hero: Heidi N. is a lifelong health enthusiast, health educator, and fitness trainer, married to a primary care physician. However, she and her family were shocked when she was diagnosed with inoperable Stage IIIA lung cancer at the age of 55. “I didn't know anyone with lungs could get lung cancer until it happened to me.” Read her story.


Giving a Voice to Those Managing Childhood Asthma: To bring the voice of patients and caregivers impacted by asthma in childhood to the forefront of drug development and research, the Lung Association, the Allergy & Asthma Network, American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders, and Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have been collaborating on an initiative—Little Airways, Big Voices. All the patient input we have gathered will be analyzed and summarized in a Voice of the Patient report. The report will help inform the FDA, as well as researchers and drug development companies, what is important to people living with and managing asthma in childhood.

Back to School with Asthma: Asthma is a leading chronic condition that causes students to miss school, which can directly affect their academic success. With the start of the school year upon us, now is the perfect time to check out our Back to School with Asthma Checklist. If you are a teacher, or school administrator, you can learn how to make your school asthma-friendly with our Back to School with Asthma Toolkit for Schools.

COPD Educator Course Set for October 6, 13 and 20:
The American Lung Association’s COPD Educator Course is a three partial-day virtual professional education course that provides a thorough overview of COPD information to healthcare professionals who work with patients living with COPD. The course includes practical information healthcare professionals can use in their work with COPD patients. The COPD Educator Course has been approved for up to 14 hours of Continuing Respiratory Care Education (CRCE) credit by the American Association for Respiratory Care. It also offers AMA PRA Category 1 Credit for physicians, pharmacists and nurses.

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Join the Better Breathers Network, the Lung Association’s nationwide online support program providing direct access to lung disease management tools, education and connection to other patients and caregivers. Learn more at


Spotlight on Published Research: Results of our ATLANTIS study were recently published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine showing that persistent airflow limitations (PAL) was prevalent not just for patients who have severe asthma, but also for many with mild asthma in the sample. This is an important finding because it suggests that those with mild asthma who have PAL should be treated earlier and more extensively, which will improve symptoms and quality of life. Co-author Dr. Monica Kraft is an ACRC investigator at the University of Arizona Asthma and Airways Disease Research Center. For our latest research news, visit:


California Takes Historic Step on Zero-Emission Vehicles: On August 25, the California Air Resources Board voted to approve landmark new rules that will rapidly drive a transition to zero-emission vehicles. See our statement issued upon adoption of this major win for lung health. Under these new rules, all new cars, SUVs and pickups sold in California will be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. This is a huge step forward in not only addressing climate change, but also dramatically reducing the other harmful air pollutants from vehicles that affect lung health. The American Lung Association was deeply involved in supporting this rule for the past three years and will now look to support adoption of the rules in other states.


Lung Cancer Can Happen to Anyone - LF Hero Shares Her Story: Nikki Steinman was just 37 years old when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. In our latest blog, Nikki shares her story and her dedication to supporting the Lung Association, including participation in LUNG FORCE Advocacy Day

Thank you for making our work possible!
From groundbreaking research, to landmark legislative victories and to a heathier future for people with asthma, your generous donations make our lifesaving mission possible. Thank you for all you do to help during this most important time!

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