New Support for those Living with Lung Disease and their Caregivers 

The American Lung Association has just launched the Patient & Caregiver Network to provide support, education and access to research for the 34 million Americans living with lung disease. If you live with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer and other lung diseases, or care for someone who does, this new program is for you! Join now!

‘State of Tobacco Control’ Call for Action on #1 Cause of Preventable Death: Our 21st annual “State of Tobacco Control” report reveals the states with the best and worst policies to prevent and reduce tobacco use and finds dramatic differences in the strength of states’ tobacco control laws. How does your state rate

State of Tobacco Control report

COVID-19 Still Claims 2,000 Lives Per Week – Our New Campaign Keeps You Informed: There are still more than 250,000 new COVID-19 cases and 3,500 deaths due to COVID-19 each week, so the Lung Association, with the support of Pfizer, has launched a new campaign to provide critical information on the three things you need to know, should you or a loved one experience symptoms that could be COVID-19.

Black History Month 2023 Spotlight Series

February is National Black History Month. It is a time to honor the contributions and sacrifices of Black Americans from the past and present who have shaped the nation. From doctors to advocates, from scientists to community action groups, we are recognizing partners across the country who make considerable impacts to lung health. Read more.

Annual Report Highlights our Lung Health Leadership

In the last year, we have faced many challenges to our lung health, including lung cancer, asthma, COPD, RSV, the flu, COVID-19, wildfire smoke, vaping and more. Our Annual Report for FY2022 showcases how we significantly expanded our efforts to help everyone breathe easier, thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers.

ALA Annual Report

Record Number of People Enroll in Healthcare Coverage through the ACA

On January 25, the Biden Administration announced that more than 16 million individuals signed up for quality, affordable healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces during this year’s open enrollment period. This is an increase of 1.8 million people over last year. The increase was due in part to Lung Association advocates who urged Congress to include extra financial assistance for these plans in the Inflation Reduction Act, as well as everyone who shared information about with their friends and family. Thank you for helping others get the coverage they need!


Are you ready to show your support for healthy lungs? 

Fight For Air Climb season is here! Now’s the time to sign up and let your feet stand up for lungs! There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for you to help drive our lifesaving missionExplore our events that appeal to a full range of interests.

Fight for Air Climb

Firefighter Calendar Fire Sale! Support our mission and help us honor the firefighters and first responders who competed in the Fight For Air Climbs across the nation to raise awareness and funds to support our vision of a world free of lung disease. Calendars are on sale now for only $10. Order yours today!


LUNG FORCE Hero: When Shelley M. went to the doctor with pain in her lower right side, the last thing she expected was to find she had lung cancer. “There is one thing I have learned since my diagnosis, all you need for lung cancer is lungs, and we all have those,” she says. Read her story


Stronger Standards Mean Better Health: EPA Must Strengthen Limits on Particle Pollution

Particle pollution refers to a mix of tiny solid and liquid particles that are in the air we breathe. These particles can be inhaled deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems, and the smaller they are, the more dangerous they can be. According to our 2022 “State of the Air” report, 63.2 million people lived in counties with unhealthy spikes in particle pollution. The EPA’s proposed limit on particle pollution doesn’t go nearly far enough to protect millions of Americans from deadly air pollution. Learn more and find out what you can do to clean up the air we breathe

Particle Pollution


National Organ Donor Day

National Organ Donor Day is celebrated every February 14. On this day of love, we recognize those who have given and received the gift of life through organ donation. A lung transplant is a treatment option for some patients with lung disease. You can learn more at and  Register to be an organ donor.  

We ❤️ Lungs!

You might recognize February as American Heart Month, but did you know that your heart health can impact your lung health? Chronic heart disease is considered an underlying medical condition that puts you at higher risk for severe illness from infectious respiratory diseases such as influenza, COVID-19 and pneumococcal pneumonia. According to the CDC, 4 in 10 adults in the United States have two or more chronic diseases. For those living with certain chronic health conditions such as heart and lung disease, it’s important to prevent illness by staying up to date on your vaccinations and practicing preventative steps to protect yourself from infection such as washing your hands. 


Every year, more than 50,000 people visit emergency rooms because of accidental CO poisoning, and about 430 of these visits will be fatal. That is why everyone should take certain precautions when they use any type of heater. Learn more in our blog “How to Stay Safe from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.”


Your support makes our mission possible! Whether it’s funding research to help us end diseases like asthma, COPD and lung cancer, keeping kids off tobacco, protecting the air we breathe and so much more, it all depends on your generous support. Thank you for helping us all breathe easier together. 

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