Many of us know lung cancer statistics far too well. We have witnessed them firsthand and have lost far too many people to this devastating disease. But others may not know that lung cancer is the leading cancer killer, taking more than 400 of our friends and family members every single day in this country alone.

The American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE and Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) are collaborating on the Not What You Think campaign to raise awareness of lung cancer, reveal its surprising, devastating facts and encourage others to #JoinTheFORCE. Through the campaign, we hope to grab the attention of social media users and spread the word about the serious implications of lung cancer.

Test Your Own Lung Cancer Knowledge

Hard-hitting, jaw-dropping, in-your-face statistics can be the catalyst for change and understanding what lung cancer patients face. As a lung cancer advocate, test your own knowledge of some of these statistics.

How often is a woman diagnosed with lung cancer in the United States?

Every five minutes a woman learns that she has lung cancer.

True or False: Secondhand smoke, radon and air pollution are all known causes of lung cancer.

True. Although smoking is the leading risk factor for lung cancer, secondhand smoke, radon and air pollution can also cause lung cancer.

What percentage of women die within one year of being diagnosed with lung cancer?

Close to half of all women – 48 percent–succumb to lung cancer within one year of being diagnosed.

Has the rate of lung cancer diagnosis increased or decreased among women?

In the past 41 years, the rate of new lung cancer diagnosis has increased 87 percent among women.

How many thousands of women and men were diagnosed with lung cancer this year?

More than 234,000 women and men were diagnosed with lung cancer this year, and only one in five will survive five years after diagnosis.

True or False: Lung cancer accounts for the largest percentage of survivors of all the major cancers.

False. It's exactly the opposite. Lung cancer accounts for the smallest percentage of survivors of all major cancers. In fact, lung cancer is the number one cancer killer, which is why we must do more to combat this terrible disease.

Help Us Spread the Word

No one deserves lung cancer, and too many people are getting this dreaded diagnosis too late. We need more people to join the fight for lung health. Help us by sharing the videos below on your social media channels. And encourage your friends and family to visit where they can learn more about our LUNG FORCE campaign, donate to the cause, join Team Turquoise and access information about lung cancer, whether they are at risk, a survivor, caregiver or currently in treatment.

We can be the ones who change these devastating statistics and share new hope by spreading the word about lung cancer. Screening can help catch lung cancer at its earliest stages when it’s most curable. We also need more funding for lung cancer research so we can have better treatment options for patients. Together, we can be the change we so desperately need.

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