Putting together an Asthma or COPD travel pack can help ensure you have all of the medicines and instructions you need in one, easily accessible place when you leave home.

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When creating your travel pack consider including:

  • Both quick-relief and controller medicine (make sure there is enough to get you through your stay, and extra in case you get held-over unexpectedly)
  • Medicine delivery devices: nebulizer & spacer
  • Copies of your Asthma Action Plan or COPD Action Plan
  • An extra written prescription in case medicines are lost or destroyed
  • Insurance card and healthcare provider contact information
  • A peak flow meter, if prescribed by your healthcare provider
  • Allergy medicines, if prescribed by your healthcare provider

Remember to store your travel pack medicines at the correct temperature.

Questions? Call the Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA.

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