Freedom From Smoking® Facilitator Resources

Facilitators like you are the foundation of the Freedom From Smoking® program. That's why we created this website. It's your source for tools to help your clinics run smoothly and effectively.
Reporting Your Program

We ask all trained and certified facilitators to notify the American Lung Association anytime you schedule a Freedom From Smoking® group program, whether that be virtually delivered or in person. We also offer promotion of all community group programs at no cost through our signature website,

To report and promote your group program, please complete the online form at, Report a Program Form, and submit it prior to the start of your program. Once your webpage is built and launched on you will be notified with a direct link you can use for promotional efforts. A webpage dedicated to your group program is a great way to showcase your program to any community members seeking a tobacco cessation program in your state.

Material Ordering

Each participant enrolled in your group program must be provided with their own Freedom From Smoking® Participant Workbook, which includes a workbook with activities to personalize their quit plan through all 8-sessions of the program, as well as direct links to breathing exercises. Certified facilitators are able to access a catalog of all print literature available, pricing and place an order for Freedom From Smoking® materials through the site,

*Please submit your material order prior to the start of your clinic, preferable two full weeks before*

Post-Program Evaluation

After your program has begun, we ask that you report your enrollment numbers through the post-program reporting form at the Final Report Form (within two weeks following final program session). This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our program’s delivery and reach.

Online Support Program

Join the American Lung Association’s Quit Now: Freedom From Smoking® Quit Smoking Support Group and Discussion Community to connect with other quit journey participants and supporters – this is a great free resource for program participants and Freedom From Smoking® facilitators!

Lung Champions

Everyone involved with Freedom From Smoking® has a story to tell. The American Lung Association is seeking individuals who have facilitated a Freedom From Smoking® group program, participated in a Freedom From Smoking® program or have witnessed the changes Freedom From Smoking® can create in people’s lives to share their story and become a Lung Champion! Lung Champions stand together against lung cancer and other lung diseases and stand for lung health. By participating in Freedom From Smoking® you have already shown one way you are standing up for lung health. If you would like to help others by sharing your story on why you decided to take action, you can become a Lung Champion Storyteller by completing the Lung Champion Submission Form. Please share this opportunity with program participants as well!

Program Materials & Updates

This section includes PDF versions of many of the forms used during the Freedom From Smoking® clinic. The forms marked with an asterisk (*) contain fields where you can fill in dates, times etc.

NOTE: You can only save that information if you use the full version of Adobe Acrobat. If you use Acrobat Reader, you will only be able to print your updated form, not save it. When you close the document, the content you entered in those fields will be lost.

Facilitator Guide Binder

Are You Ready to Quit? Questionnaire

Registration Form and Questionnaire

Certificate of Quitting*

Session Dates and Times*

Preparing to Quit Questionnaire

Certificate of Completion*

Participant Wallet Card


My Reason To Quit

End of Clinic Questionnaire

Measuring Your Dependency

How to Create a Quit Smoking Plan

Three-Link Chain of Nicotine Addiction

Why It's Hard to Quit Smoking

5 Ways to Resist the Urge to Smoke

Quit Smoking Medications

Quit Smoking: Learn to Say "No"

Positive Self-Talk

Trigger Examples

Overcoming a Slip

Taking a Time Out

La raz´on de Carmen para dejar de fumar

La raz´on de Lucas para dejar de fumar

Marketing Support

Use these tools to promote Freedom From Smoking® to businesses, hospitals, community organizations and others.

Participant Recruitment Newsletter & Social Media Templates

Participant Reminder Email and Text Templates

Facebook Images

Professional Recognition Templates

Member Phone Script

Web Banner

Rack Card

Postcard Reminder

Front  |  Back

Social Media Template

Option 1  |  Option 2  |  Option 3

Addressing Tobacco Use in Hispanic or Latino Communities Toolkit

Find resources in English and Spanish to help you or a loved one quit smoking or vaping.

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Long Weekend Instagram Image
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New Years Eve 02 Instagram Image
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New Years Eve 04 Instagram Image
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Senses Instagram Image
Sleep Instagram Image
Spring 01 Instagram Image
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Valentine's Day Instagram Image
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Quick Reference Guides

Advising on Cessation Medication




Building a Tobacco Treatment Plan


Getting Ready for Your Next Office Visit


Motivational Interviewing


Quit Attempts


Stages of Change


Tips to Quit


Using Scaling to Assess Readiness to Quit


Why It’s Hard to Quit


Youth Cessation Ask-Counsel-Treat (ACT)


Additional Resources

Important Links for Facilitators

Breathing Exercises

Freedom From Smoking® Resources

Quit Now: Freedom From Smoking® Inspire Community Resources

Share Your Lung Champion Story

Billing Guide for Tobacco Screening and Cessation

Billing Guide Addendum for Behavioral Health

What is Secondhand Aerosol from E-Cigarettes?


The Freedom From Smoking® Facilitator Recertification/Refresher webcast is an opportunity for currently active, or recently inactive facilitators to receive a “refresher” on proven-effective programming strategies, supportive resources to reinvigorate recruitment and engagement among participants. It also provides a renewed 3-year certification to continue Freedom From Smoking group program delivery. This webcast reviews:

  • Program Accomplishments
  • Program Implementation and Updates
  • Priority and Emerging Issues
  • Implementation Challenges and Lessons Learned
  • Facilitator Resources and Services
  • American Lung Association Initiatives
  • Facilitator Expectations
  • Question & Answer

Facilitators who view the recertification webcast in its entirety and complete the post-webcast evaluation will receive a Certificate of Completion and extend their certification for 3 more years. You can find the Facilitator Agreement Form here for review. 

To register and receive the on-demand link for recertification, visit us here!

Recertification/Refresher PowerPoint (October 2023)

Continuing Education

Tobacco Basics

How to Help People Quit

Ask, Advise, Refer to Quit Don’t Switch

INDEPTH - Alternative to Suspension - Facilitator Training

N-O-T (Not On Tobacco®) Youth Cessation Facilitator Training

NOT for Me

Advocacy Basics

Asthma Basics

Radon Basics

For more information please email our team at [email protected].

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