American Lung Association's BOLD Advocacy Plan to End the Tobacco Epidemic

  1. States, cities and counties must include e-cigarettes in all smokefree laws
  2. Congress, states, counties and cities must raise the tax on e-cigarettes to parity with cigarettes and other tobacco products
  3. FDA, states and localities must invest in tobacco prevention efforts, including state programs and mass marketing campaigns
  4. Federal, state and local governments must ensure every tobacco user can get the help they need to quit
  5. Congress, states, counties and cities must raise the minimum age of sale to 21
  6. FDA, Congress, states, cities must immediately remove all flavored tobacco products from the marketplace
  7. Congress and/or FDA must prohibit online sales of all tobacco products
  8. FDA must crack down and stop misleading health claims
  9. States, cities and counties must end the use of coupons and other discounts which makes these products cheaper and more appealing to young people
  10. FDA and FTC must halt advertising and marketing to kids, including on social media
  11. FDA must issue a product standard(s) prohibiting all flavored tobacco products and defines what “tobacco” flavor means
  12. FDA must require "track and trace" technology on all tobacco products to prevent black market, counterfeit and smuggling activities

Download a PDF of the 12 Point Plan

Page last updated: May 2, 2024

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