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What Are the Types of Lung Cancer Treatment?

Lung cancer treatment decisions are made by you and your care team together. All lung cancer treatment options have potential risks and benefits. Your options are based on what type of cancer you have, your stage of the disease and your lung cancer treatment goals.

Key Points

  • Your lung cancer treatment options are determined by your lung cancer type, lung cancer stage, and lung cancer treatment goals.
  • You may receive several different types of treatment for lung cancer.
  • You and your care team make decisions about lung cancer treatment together.
  • Each lung cancer treatment option has potential side effects, which usually can be managed.

Making Lung Cancer Treatment Decisions

Talking about lung cancer and its treatment options can be confusing. Make sure you understand your options and potential side effects before you make any decision.

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Learn more about your specific type of lung cancer and treatment options using our My Lung Cancer Treatment Planning Tool

Use the tool

Use the tool

Lung Cancer Treatment Options

Once your doctors have determined your lung cancer profile, they will present you with one or a combination of the following options:

Each lung cancer treatment option has risks and possible side effects. Most side effects can be managed fairly well, but you should consider all of the possibilities when you examine your lung cancer treatment options.

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Take Action

Voice your concerns to your doctor. He or she can discuss lung cancer treatment options with you and answer your questions. Download our Lung Cancer Treatment Organizer to keep track of your treatment plan.

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    Lung Cancer Treatment Decision-Making Worksheet

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    Lung Cancer Treatment Organizer


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