Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Asbestosis

You may want to ask your primary care doctor to refer you to a doctor who has experience managing asbestosis. When you are diagnosed with asbestosis, you and your loved ones are likely to have many concerns and questions.

Here are some questions that you may want to ask your doctor:

  • How advanced is my disease?
  • What is the best treatment for my condition?
  • What medications will I be given and what are the side effects?
  • Should I seek other treatment besides medication?
  • How much experience do you have managing asbestosis, and should I talk to a specialist?
  • Will I need a lung transplant?
  • Is anyone in my family at risk?
  • My home/office has asbestos insulation. Will it cause further lung problems?

Reviewed and approved by the American Lung Association Scientific and Medical Editorial Review Panel.

Page last updated: June 7, 2024

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