Lung Health and the Black Community

The American Lung Association pays tribute to the history, heritage and contributions of Black people in the United States.

Black History Month (February 1 – March 1) is a time in our country to recognize the Black community’s influence and impact on American culture and society.

The Black cultural experience in America is as diverse as it is throughout the world—the hand of Africa and enslavement affected our lifestyle behaviors—for better or for worse. Moreover, it is the perception of individuals who see Black Americans through a “racial lens” that has manipulated how Black people are considered or are marginalized, which has impacted the determinants of health in our communities and, ultimately, the Black/white morbidity and mortality gap.

In recognition of Black History Month, the American Lung Association looks at declaring racism as a public health crisis, lung health outcomes affected by racism, and lung health issues disproportionately impacting Black communities. We are also proud to present our “Spotlight Series” of partners across the country who make considerable impacts to the American Lung Association mission and messages, and who have contributed to the effort to eliminate lung disease in their communities as well as lung health resources pertinent to Black communities and those who serve them.

Trusted Organizations in the Black Community

Join the American Lung Association in discovering trusted organizations at the heart of the Black community, dedicated to empowerment, advocacy and progress.
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Lung Health and the Black Community

Lung Cancer, Clinical Trials and Black Americans

Lung cancer is the top cancer killer in the US, hitting Black men especially hard despite lower smoking rates. They're diagnosed later and receive less treatment, leading to worse outcomes. But there's hope: ongoing research is uncovering new treatments, including clinical trials.
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End the Sale of Menthol Cigarettes and Save Black Lives

Cheryl Calhoun, Chair of the American Lung Association National Board of Directors, discusses the harmful impact of menthol cigarettes on the Black community and calls for support in ending their sale. Join the fight against Big Tobacco's predatory practices and advocate for health equity.
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Enrolling in a tobacco counseling program can increase your chances of success by up to 60% when used in combination with FDA-approved medication.

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Enrolling in a tobacco counseling program can increase your chances of success by up to 60% when used in combination with FDA-approved medication.

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