A Pulmonary Podcast Series by the American Lung Association and HCPLive

The American Lung Association has partnered with HCPLive, a clinical news and information portal for physicians, to launch our podcast series hosted by our very own Chief Medical Officer Dr. Albert Rizzo. Entitled Lungcast™, it spotlights conversations with researchers, physicians, patients and advocates about hot topics impacting lung health.

Episode #1: “COVID-19, Complications & Search for a Cure” with Dr. David Ho

In our very-first episode, Dr. Rizzo connects with the legendary Dr. David Ho to discuss the latest in COVID-19 research. Named TIME magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1996, Dr. Ho is credited with making significant scientific contributions to improve the understanding and treatment of HIV infection. As the founder of Antimicrobe, a database for infectious disease and antimicrobial agents, he has more recently turned his attention to helping to solve the coronavirus pandemic. This episode is not to be missed!

Episode #2: “Double the Miracle: How Double-Lung Transplants Saved COVID-19 Patients” with Dr. Ankit Bharat

This past spring, surgeons at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago successfully performed a double-lung transplant for the very first time on a patient whose lungs were severely and irreversibly damaged by COVID-19. Shortly thereafter, the lifesaving operation was repeated in another COVID-19 patient in his 60s. In this episode, Dr. Rizzo (virtually) sits down with Northwestern’s Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Ankit Bharat, to delve into the details of his headline-making double-lung transplants and what they means for the future. It is a must-listen!

Next Up: “Getting Close & Personal with an Infectious Disease Superstar”

Next month, Dr. Rizzo will share the stage with possibly the most trusted person in medicine right now. You will have to wait and see who it is!

Future Topics to be Explored

  • Flu Shots & Other Vaccinations: What You Need to Know… Now!
  • Setting Up Lung Cancer Screening Programs in Rural Areas
  • Thoracic Surgery: VATS vs. Robotic Surgery
  • Smoking, Vaping & Cannabis: How to Help Patients Quit
  • Innovating Respiratory Care for an Aging Population
  • How Telemedicine & Reimbursement Policies are Changing Healthcare
  • Addressing Lung Health Disparities

Episodes run approximately 30-45 minutes for easy listening, while going about your busy day. Do you have suggested topics for future episodes? Submit them here.

Listen to our teaser to learn more about Lungcast!

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Page last updated: September 8, 2020

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