william l.

well...not all copd is caused from smoking as we all know...59 years ago the laws of Listening to children was . not ..went to chrhluc school st bomiface edwardsville il.. where i was sexually abused and mentally, fisically aboused i as about 11 years old .m miss huback.. i remember like it was yesterday ..my father was a Alcoholic And a very hard worker to get money to pay the bills I was a very hyper boy to try and hide it from my stepmother One day I got tired of the abuse he came home drunk after he just did stop to me and I tried to tell him instead here and off there and said I did not do my homework and let me down and with me naked maybe we'd of set me on the stairs I ran and climbed a tree Then my father Dean drunk went and got a chainsaw and cut the tree down the tree landed on me and it 100 my left long it broke a rib there were no laws so he read me like a mummy for 2 weeks and kept me home from school later on he found out that what she was doing and with teachers doing what's true and to me of the Catholic school in put me into a public school went from 3rd grade a course grade immediately I did not know that my lungs punctured with a broken number 5 rib do I thought I had a bag back from the tree at 8:30 I started coughing blood the tumor in my long group to decides that a great fruit that have gone to my broken rib and 2003 is what it was I had lung surgically took off my lower left lobe don't smoke but because of that I guess 2nd hand smoke and all the years behind it has called me to have a severe case of COP D no energy no money I took care my father for 12 years and did not let him know a thing about it because I thought pad for him whenever all the rest my damage to go and something has to suffer to this day for what has happened that is only part of the story I skipped around a lot there's more abuse physically to smoother one thing we are not robots we can take so much abuse and then we break down if not at the moment in time this is the story that I have to tell so there you go I guess I'm proud to be who I am now at age 62 and it happened at the age 11 or 12 except for the fact that I could not do nothing really with my life I really want a wrong path lot

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