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Shireen C., MI

I'm interested in knowing the quality of the air in my town of White Pigeon, Michigan. I know that when I leave the state and go West, I can breathe better. When I come back home to White Pigeon the air feels heavy on my lungs.

We have a paper mill, and at one time a foundry that left a huge, stinky reservoir of scum water that is right next to the river. Plus, the village allows outside wood burners in the village.

I have asthma and my dad had COPD, plus a heart condition. Many long time village residents have died of cancer. I believe the poor quality of our air in town is a factor, but the village president insists that the AEP has never reported bad air quality in our village.

I can't afford to move, and my parents can't either. I just want clean air and want the village of White Pigeon to ban outside wood burning stoves and clean the air up in our area. Please help!!!

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