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Sherra E., OK

I am originally from Los Angeles and just couldn't stand the pollution there anymore, so I travelled for work for several years hoping to find a place to settle. I ended up in Tulsa, OK first then Oklahoma City, OK and decided I like it here.

I have had several severe allergy attacks, sinus infections, and bronchitis so far this year. My MD prescribed an inhaler, which shocked me because I have pristine lungs on a chest x-ray. There is something wrong here. Many of my co-workers suffer too. Now I see that Oklahoma City got an "F" for ozone pollution. This is a real disappointment. I fear I may have to relocate again, because I can't breathe!

Now Inhofe wants to pass a bill that will effectively make the air worse! Could these people just take their eyes off the bottom line for one minute please and think about the quality of life for their constituents! Please.

First Published: April 25, 2012

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