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Shawn G., CA

I just moved to downtown Ventura County. Everyone says it’s the best location, as I am a couple blocks from the beach, Surfer’s Point, the pier, fair grounds and Main Street, which is where all the clubs and restaurants are located, as well as the coffee shops, movie theatre, ice cream shops, etc. The problem is that there are only three streets that allow a person to go from one end of the valley to the other, and it’s a bottleneck. The heart of the problem is on Main Street and the streets that lead to the beach.

The amount of CO2 on Main Street is off the charts. You cannot walk down Main Street or ride your bike anywhere but at the beach without massive diesel trucks and exhaust from cars blasting your lungs every step of the way. It’s like being in Times Square during rush hour, and it makes me very angry.

I wish I had a pollution detector so that I could know exactly how much dirty air I am breathing. 

First Published: May 15, 2013

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