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Robert T., CA

I recently moved to Los Angeles and wanted to say the following: I do not need an air quality report to tell me that the air here is really, really, really bad. I felt it right away. I went for a walk here shortly after arriving and felt my eyes sting, and I can feel it when I breathe and of course, one can even see it.

When it gets to the point where it is this obvious, it is a serious problem that needs to be prioritized. In other words, it is not some abstract measure against some standard; it is something I felt palpably right away upon arrival and am aware of every moment I am here (not sure how long I can stay here).

Also, I took a tour up to Beverly Hills (in the hills), and the tour guide suggested we breathe deeply and feel the difference that the elevation makes. Again, the air was very obviously, palpably cleaner. I guess the main point I wish to make is that when air pollution becomes so immediately palpably obvious, as opposed to something we read about in the news, then it is clearly something that needs to be a top priority concern.

First Published: August 9, 2012

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