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rich d., CA

Here in Rosemont, Sacramento, we have had wonderful breezes from the Delta every night for 50 years that I know of, but now this last year, it smells like asphalt. Tonight, it was so thick that it's left mist in the air where you couldn't see clearly across the street.

If you leave your washed car out overnight, the next day there's a sticky funk all over it. There is a sand and gravel company nearby that's been there for many years, but this last year there must have been some kind of regulation lifted, because they are now spewing stuff in the air that you can visibly see, and I suspect it could also be coming from the trucks going in and out of there all night and day.

No one is complaining about it, but our quality-of-life is now eroding, and it seems dangerous to breathe this pollution. I'm not sure what to do about it, because there're a lot of people that live here, and our taxes are high. I don't know how they're getting away with it!

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