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Mike S., CA

As I write this, I am fighting to breathe clean air. My name is Mike and I have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which is an incurable lung disease. How I contracted it, I do not know.

I have been going to UCSF since being diagnosed two years ago and am trying to get on the list for a lung transplant, but according to the doctors, I am not sick enough. I use oxygen almost all the time and will eventually be on it 24/7.

Till then, I live my life the best I can and try not to let this horrible disease get me down. I would not wish this on anyone and to all of you out there that have breathing problems, never give up and live your life to the fullest that you can. Enjoy your loved ones, and pray that soon someone will come up with a cure for all diseases.

I believe that everyone should write to their congressperson and tell them that they better start thinking about better air quality as well as all the other problems they keep putting aside.

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