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Michelle C., WI

Ever since a weatherization program had completed energy efficiency updates to my home, strange things started to occur. Very long story short, I have a severe water vapor happening in my home, filling carpeting, furniture, bedding, ect with a sediment which consists of the insulation that was put into my attic from the program.

This was tested and confirmed by my state health department. I am working with a building scientist, however he cannot figure this out and no one has been able to out of the hundreds I have contacted. It's been two years now and still not any clear answers.

I suspect this water vapor may be due to this insulation traveling downward from the top plate in the attic left unsealed. Then into my ductcwork and finally, my furnace, which I believe has caused this to occur perhaps due to the heat exchanger being compromised from this dusty cellulose insulation.

This water vapor gas completely overtaken my entire home, the weatherization program refuses to take responsibility. I have tried absolutely everything in these two years including contacting state officials. Nothing has worked and I'm now left to deal with this on my own, and with two children constantly ill. One of which recently diagnosed with asthma.

Legal help is hard to obtain as no one wants to fight against the state. I must figure this mystery out once and for all and I'm begging and pleading for someone to do just that. From a desperate mother of two, please help us as we have no where left to go.

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