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Lucille M. D., TX

I am a 71-year-old female that has never smoked, worked in factories and have no history of bronchitis, pneumonia or breathing problems. Ten years ago I began to have shortness of breath and everything was checked that could cause this from my lungs to my heart. Five years later, my health worsened, and I was hospitalized four times.

The doctors were never able to figure out what I had or why I lost 75 percent of my lung capacity. Secondhand smoke and air pollution have been the only factors they could attribute to the cause of my condition.

Pollution and secondhand smoke does kill. I'm an excellent example of a healthy nonsmoker that will now die from what they call COPD. If you could imagine what it would feel like to drown, that's what it feels like to not be able to breathe and to struggle to just make it thru one more day. Horrible, is all I can say.

Pollution is a huge problem that can be helped if we don't give up and fight for our lives.

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