Kelli B

Kelli B., MT

As a nurse with a background in environmental health, I know that air pollution is detrimental to everyone – the young, healthy hiker who wants to climb a mountain, the child with asthma, and the elderly person with heart disease. The health of each of us and the health of our planet are inextricably linked. 

We all know there’s nothing better for our hearts and minds than a day outside when the air is so clear you can see every tree on the mountainside. But climate change, driven largely by dirty fossil fuel-based energy, is making it harder to keep our air clean. Warmer temperatures, drier conditions, and changes in precipitation are contributing to longer and more intense wildfire seasons, in turn producing dangerous particulate pollution, and also worsening conditions for those who suffer from allergies.

To protect our health, state, federal, and local decision-makers must move forward on implementing strong clean air and energy policies. We deserve nothing less.

First Published: July 31, 2019

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