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Karen A., OR

I have had asthma, since childhood, so I have always been concerned about the air I breathe. Lately, I have heard of uncovered coal transport through the Portland metro area as well as pollution from China from burning coal.

I am very concerned not only about the future but also our most lovely community and the world in general. We have coal burning in Olympia and many other polluting, large corporate and public projects hoping to be built in our close by communities of Kalama and Longview.

I wonder if folks pay attention to which way the wind blows? I notice Montana, which is so open and empty has so much air pollution, not to mention water. Why? Corporations go to small communities, because there aren't enough people to object; it's always about JOBS, not our health.

Please keep up your fight to keep our air clean! Not just for us, but our children and other plants and animals on this earth.

First Published: May 4, 2015

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