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Jennifer F., OH

My mother died from pulmonary fibrosis. It is a particularly miserable disease that is almost always caused by environmental factors. She suffered and struggled to breathe. I am a respiratory therapist, but there was little I or anyone could do to help her.

She was a person who loved life and was so full of joy! Her childhood was a hard one. She and my dad worked hard to build a good life for our family. He was so heartbroken to lose her just when their life had gotten easier.

When I hear that Xenia's air quality is poor, I remember how it made breathing even more difficult for my mom. I also think about the children who have asthma and cannot play outside because of the pollution. They are being robbed of the chance to live joyful lives.

At such times, I pray for forgiveness. For I truly believe the good Lord appointed us stewards of this great earth and we have not been good stewards.

Please support clean air! Please vote for strong measure to protect the air we breathe.

First Published: July 18, 2012

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