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Gale W., CA

My husband and I were both born in Los Angles and lived there for 58 years. You can imagine the state of our lungs. We moved to the Palm Springs area thinking the air would be cleaner but have since learned the wind, sand and ozone is compromising our health, especially my husband who has pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema.

We want to move to an area in California with better air quality. We have driven electric and hybrid cars for 15 years, and we encourage everyone to drive fuel-efficient cars or ride bikes whenever possible.

It is too late for my husband and I, but we are concerned about the younger generations. California was a pristine paradise 100 years ago. It is a tragedy that regulations were not stricter, but I applaud the state for imposing gasoline regulations and for pursuing a rail system, etc.

Clean air and water are now a survival issue. It is time to address it more aggressively because without a reversal, life in California is going to be very unhealthy.

First Published: October 1, 2013

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