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Clay W., TX

I was born in 1959. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 17. Both of my grandfathers died of cancer the year after I was diagnosed.

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer two years later. He used an alternative form of treatment and died of cancer 27 years later. My brother died of kidney and lung cancer some years later.

I have continued to fight cancer and heart problems with alternative treatments. I currently keep a high quality gas mask close by and a bottle of oxygen. Our house is full of plants.

I have literally seen the white light and the tunnel. I do not believe that it is a tunnel to God, but I definitely experienced the white light.

I was born in Beaumont Texas, the home of the largest refineries and chemical companies. A lot of my classmates died many years ago with cancer. Several of my aunts and uncles have died of cancer. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 26. She and I both use the same methods to fight our cancer. We are not winning, but we have not lost.

I think all of our problems are brought about by pollution. As long as we have lasted and as hard as we have worked at keeping our health, something is against us, and it isn't genetics. It is the destruction of our planet.

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