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Carole H., NC

I'm so thankful to have joined the new Lung Force organization, and I am looking forward to participating in the Better Breather's Club based in Winston-Salem, N.C. I hope that The Triad will be inspired to create another branch closer to home, but I'm truly excited about being part of this great mission to educate seniors and their loved ones about the vitally important fact that women need to step up and be proactive about safeguarding the air we breathe.

As a retired educator and minister, serving for over thirty years in "ministry beyond the sanctuary" including in homeless shelters, health care facilities, recreation, and arts-in-education environments, I have personally experienced the traumatic effects of polluted indoor air on children and others struggling to exist in low-income communities where the voices crying out for help often go unheard.

Now in my senior years, I embrace the energy and enthusiasm of you younger folks and promise to do whatever I can to keep the banner of "equal environmental health justice" ever flying. May God bless you in this wonderful endeavor.

First Published: May 20, 2014

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