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Browyn K., TX

Interview – School Nurse Northeast Independent School District in San Antonio

Why do you think a Stock Bronchodilator Policy is important?

I believe this policy is so important because it protects students in all sorts of situations. It can be as simple as not yet having an inhaler in the clinic, but the student comes in symptomatic. It also helps students in situations when their inhaler just won’t work as efficiently as an inhaler would. This policy not only keeps students in school, but it is so important to managing their asthma effectively.

What benefits have you seen among students with asthma since implementing a Stock Bronchodilator Policy?

This policy has been a true lifesaver. There have been several instances where an inhaler had expired and a student was wheezing and needed a treatment. Having this policy on hand makes it easy to treat a student quickly and effectively. As a school nurse, we have the benefit of seeing many of these students on a daily basis and getting to know their individual needs. When a student comes into the clinic and symptomatic, it is extremely beneficial to use nurse judgement and follow the protocol to give a nebulizer treatment over his or her inhaler. This protocol has kept student in school that would otherwise have to be sent home because of their asthma. Giving a nebulizer treatment also opens up that line of communication with the parents and/or doctor on how to control the students asthma better. I have only praises to say about this policy/protocol.

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