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Barb D., WA

I live in Seattle. For an area that rains a lot of the time, Seattle smells. When I walk out of my home in the morning, the air feels thick; I have many sore throats.

The auto fumes are horrific. When I visit Whidbey Island across Puget Sound, the air is clean and fresh. When I get back to Seattle, the air smells. It is full of nasty things.

I try to live a "green" lifestyle. I have home purifiers in every room so my home smells and feels so much better than the outdoor air, which SHOULD be fresh. I blame all the companies who are releasing chemicals and particulate matter into the air, land, and water for killing people slowly. If they built safe and clean products, we wouldn't have this problem. If they built manufacturing facilities that harnessed these harmful byproducts, we would all be safer.

Despite efforts to clean up after ourselves, I fear many of us are doomed for many serious illnesses. Please pass my story along.

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