Alia V

Alia V., TX

Alia Vinson resides in an area with periodically severe air pollution. Yet there are many aspects of Houston she loves, such as its tremendous cultural and educational resources. The city also has green transportation initiatives, including a municipal hybrid fleet.

In summer, she and her husband limit their kids’ time outside on ozone action days. Because public transit options in the region are limited, she relies on her car to travel even on days with high ozone levels.

She says awareness about the importance of air quality is on the rise locally, although it’s a problem that really demands a statewide approach. For example, increasing the incentive to opt for hybrid or electric vehicles “would help people balance their transportation needs with sustainability.”

Also, with Houston being near the Gulf of Mexico, there are numerous oil refineries just south of the city. “There have been from time to time chemical fires where you’ll have air impacts,” Alia says. “When those things occur, people stay indoors.”

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