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Adasha K., TX

I am a 52-year-old mother of three, grandma of two. I live in a county where the EPA does not have air quality stations present. Why is this important? I suffer from Lyme disease and many other issues and stay bedridden most of the time because I am allergic to almost everything and do not have the ability to methylate toxins from my system. It’s a genetic defect.  I have asthma again, only since I moved here from Austin. I stay on sinus medications and inhalers daily due to the air quality in our area. I just found out mold has crept into our house, so I’m not safe anywhere.

My mom has 4th stage COPD and has to stay in a sterile room because of the air here. The water is also horrible here, as well. We have to buy mineral water for everything we do.

My kids are growing up in this mess and my grandkids will, too, if something isn’t done. If you won’t keep companies from contaminating the air, you need to provide citizens with items to keep themselves safe. Whether it be masks, ozone lights for their home, whatever. We need to be able to breathe clean air, and no one is making it happen.

Please, for us and the generations to follow, help us?

First Published: August 19, 2020

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