Important Changes That Could Impact Your Healthcare Coverage

Do you or a family member currently have health coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)? If so, you may soon need to take steps to renew or change your coverage. The Lung Association has information and resources to help you keep or find quality, affordable coverage. 

For more information about these changes, you can access our factsheet (also available in Spanish) or read our FAQs below!

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Important Changes to Medicaid Coverage

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Medicaid is a huge help for me because it not only enabled me to get the care and the treatments that I needed, but it took a huge weight off my shoulders, so I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to be able to afford my next treatment.

If you have Medicaid or CHIP, you may soon need to renew your coverage. 

Make sure to update your information with your state Medicaid program. 

Watch for communications from Medicaid that may be sent to you in the mail or emailed to you. 

Complete the renewal form right away if you get one.

Frequently Asked Questions

In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began in the U.S., Congress passed legislation that prevented people from losing their Medicaid or CHIP coverage.  

States have now begun renewals and coverage terminations for the first time since 2020.

You can check with your state’s Medicaid office to confirm your contact information. You can do this by contacting your benefits caseworker or by checking your online account (if you have one) to confirm that all of your information is accurate. Find your state’s Medicaid renewal site at Keep in mind that some states may have a different name for their Medicaid program, such as Medi-Cal in California, or MO Health Net in Missouri . 

If you believe that your coverage ending was a mistake, you should immediately contact your state’s Medicaid program to re-enroll if possible. 

If you lose your Medicaid coverage due to changes in eligibility, you may be eligible for financial assistance to purchase coverage through the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. You can learn more about marketplace coverage at or go to to enroll.

Quality, Affordable Coverage Through the ACA Marketplaces

People with lung disease now have access to the healthcare they need because of the Affordable Care Act. Open enrollment for state marketplace plans is November 1 – January 15, although some states have longer enrollment periods. has a special enrollment period open through November 30, 2024 for people who lost Medicaid or CHIP coverage. And if you are getting married, having a baby, losing other insurance coverage, moving or your income is less than 150% of the federal poverty level in your state, you can enroll for healthcare at any time.

Learn more and get covered today.

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Starting April 1, 2023, an estimated 18 million people could lose their Medicaid healthcare coverage due to Congress reversing the COVID-19 continuous coverage protections.

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Do you have healthcare coverage through Medicaid or CHIP?  You may soon need to renew your coverage. Make sure to update your information with your state Medicaid program, watch for mail from Medicaid and complete the renewal form right away if you get one. The American Lung Association can help you navigate this process. Learn more at 

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Have you or a loved one received Medicaid or CHIP coverage that helped you manage a lung disease? Have you or a loved one had challenges with any type of health insurance and getting the care you need for asthma, COPD or lung cancer? Tell us about it and help our nation’s leaders understand why quality and affordable healthcare coverage is so important.

Lung HelpLine

Have more questions about your healthcare coverage? Talk to our experts at the American Lung Association Lung HelpLine. Our service is free and we are here to help you. You can connect with us by calling 1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872) or visiting

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