American Lung Association on World Lung Cancer Day Announces New Patient Resources and Trends Brief

New lung cancer trends data indicate the continued need to address #1 cancer killer through patient-centric education, advocacy and research efforts.

In recognition of World Lung Cancer Day, the American Lung Association announced new patient resources and a lung cancer trends brief to further advance support for lung cancer patients and caregivers.

While lung cancer remains the #1 cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., the five-year survival rate has increased to nearly 22 percent. This encouraging trend will be further aided by improved early detection of the disease through lung cancer screening. In addition, advancements in research have resulted in more than 30 new lung cancer treatments approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the last five years. The Lung Association is helping patients and caregivers through the launch of new educational tools and data-driven information about the disease.

  • KRAS Biomarker Video Series: Until recently, the common KRAS mutation that affects about one-quarter of non-small cell lung cancer patients was considered “undruggable.” However, thanks to a new FDA-approved treatment, there is now a targeted immunotherapy option available for patients carrying the G12C variant of the KRAS mutation. In a recently launched video series, lung cancer experts and patients delve deeper into this breakthrough and what it means for the future. Visit to learn more. 
  • Lung Cancer Treatment Planning Tool: The Lung Association recently updated their interactive online tool to walk patients – particularly the newly diagnosed – through their treatment options. It starts with asking a patient whether they have small or non-small cell lung cancer and ends with an opportunity to download a treatment decision-making worksheet to use as a reference guide in conversations with their doctors. Learn more at 
  • Lung Cancer Trends Brief: New this year, the Lung Association released this data on lung cancer mortality, incidence, prevalence and other key measures of the burden of this disease. The detailed report presents descriptions, figures and links to more detailed tables on trends, as well as current patterns of the lung cancer burden. Data from the report indicate that racial disparities for lung cancer remain high and show that lung cancer incidence rates between 2013 and 2017 were highest among Black men. 

"World Lung Cancer Day presents a meaningful opportunity to highlight our new and existing lung cancer resources that offer support for those impacted by this devastating disease, while building additional awareness across the country,” said American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold P. Wimmer. "This occasion serves as a reminder of our mission’s critical importance, today and every day, notably as it relates to the need to address lung cancer disparities.”

The American Lung Association created LUNG FORCE, a national movement to defeat lung cancer, the leading cancer killer of women and men. LUNG FORCE has three priorities: make lung cancer a cause that people care about and act on, educate and empower patients and healthcare providers, and raise critical funds for lung cancer research. Learn more by visiting

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