Lung Cancer Screening and Surgery

Early detection can increase lung cancer survival with new treatment options such as minimally invasive surgery.

Lung Cancer survivor Kathleen shares how lung cancer early detection led to having surgery as a treatment option. Her surgeon, Dr. Patrick Ross, and her care team at Main Line Health came together to give Kathleen her life back. Dr. Ross shares the importance of an early detection and eligibility.

60% If lung cancer is caught before it spreads, the likelihood of surviving five years or more improves to 60%.
14.2M Eligibility guidelines recently expanded, nearly doubling the number of people eligible for lung cancer screening to 14.2 million.
30% The lung cancer survival rate increased over 30% the past 10 years, thanks in part to screening, new treatments and advanced technology.

What Is Lung Cancer Screening and Are You Eligible? 

Lung cancer screening uses a low-dose CT scan to take a picture of your lungs. It can detect lung cancer before any symptoms appear. Eligibility requirements depend on factors including your age and how long you smoked. Lung cancer is confirmed by a biopsy through various techniques including robotic assisted bronchoscopy

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Cutting-Edge Treatment Options Can Improve Outcomes

One of the treatment interventions when lung cancer is caught early is minimally invasive surgery, which is best performed before the lung cancer has spread. In this type of surgery, the surgeon uses a camera to visualize the lung and special instruments to remove the cancer. This approach offers shorter recovery time with reduced complications.  

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