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Carla G., IN

In 2014, my ex-husband, the father of my children, was dying of lung cancer. He and I had both smoked for close to 40 years. I had quit for eight years at the time and I kept seeing the billboards telling about the $49 CT scan, and decided to have one.

I had one in January and they found one polyp to follow up on in six months. During that sixth month period my ex-husband had died. In July I went for my second scan and the polyp had grown. These scans were not intimidating and simple. After a PET scan it lit up, just barely visible, I was scheduled to have the top lobe of my left lung removed that month.

However, a few weeks after my stress test I had a heart attack and had to wait until August for the surgery. My cancer was detected at stage one and I did not have to have chemo or radiation. If I had not had that scan, I would be gone right now. I am so blessed to be alive and WELL. My 45-year-old niece had the same kind of lung cancer as mine, but it went undiscovered and she passed away. 

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