Lung Cancer Patient Virtual Meetup

In today’s environment we recognize how important it is to be nimble and flexible. For our fall event, we are changing the format of the Lung Cancer Patient Meetup to better fit your needs. We are calling it the Lung Cancer Patient Meetup on the Go. We have several fascinating webinars planned for the fall and plan to share recordings of the webinars in November during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. That way you can access the information when it is convenient for YOU!

“Oncology Massage and Lung Cancer” is now live. Oncology Massage and Lung Cancer webinar will explain oncology massage and how it can help lung cancer patients.  It will help patients understand the contraindications for oncology massage and how to receive it safely (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic).  In addition, patients will learn how to perform several oncology massage techniques on themselves or a loved one. Watch now.

"What Can you Expect from a Lung Cancer Clinical Trial" is now live. During this webinar, Dr. Mark A. Socinski, Executive Medical Director, Advent Health Cancer Institute, Orlando, FL, will explain the process of participating in a lung cancer clinical trial from beginning to end. Dr. Socinski will explain how typical lung cancer clinical trials are structured, how patients are monitored and kept safe, how to understand the paperwork and jargon associated with a clinical trial and how to know if participating in a clinical trial is the right option for you. Watch now.

"Update on Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer Patients" is now live. Dr. Houssein Abdul Sater, MD from the Cleveland Clinic & Carol and Robert Weissman Cancer Center, will cover current immunotherapy options for lung cancer, when the options are used and managing potential side effects. In addition, Dr. Sater will cover emerging types of immunotherapy, discuss the “lung cancer vaccine” and explain any interactions between immunotherapy and the COVID vaccine/ COVID infection. Watch now.


Page last updated: November 23, 2021

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