COVID-19 Citizen Science Study

Click and Contribute to Emerging Coronavirus Research

Looking for a way to help advance coronavirus disease (COVID-19) research from the comfort of your home? The American Lung Association, in partnership with Northwestern Medicine and University of California-San Francisco, has joined the COVID-19 Citizen Science smartphone-based effort. It enables anyone 18 years of age or over to become a citizen scientist and lead to a better understanding of the disease. All without leaving your couch!

How You Can Take Action While Social Distancing

  1. On your smartphone, click on this link to download the free and secure Eureka app, a health research platform that houses the COVID-19 Citizen Science survey.
  2. Enter basic information about yourself.
  3. The app will automatically prompt you to return each day to answer a few simple questions about any COVID-19 exposures and symptoms you might have experienced. (Estimated commitment is 5-15 minutes per week.)

The COVID-19 Citizen Science study has the potential to be the largest-ever prospective epidemiological study of infectious disease. By collecting daily data from individuals around the world (with a goal of reaching 1 million users), researchers hope to gain insight into how the novel coronavirus spreads to help reduce future infections. As one of the study’s co-founders explained, “Social distancing keeps many protected, but joining together to contribute data will help us beat this thing.”

This rewarding opportunity, which is a win-win for science and citizens alike, expands the Lung Association’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Page last updated: October 25, 2022

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