Kickin’ Asthma Facilitator Resource Center

Welcome to the Kickin’ Asthma Certified Facilitator Resource Center! Below are several resources to support you when delivering the program.

If you need additional support, please contact your local Kickin’ Asthma American Lung Association staff representative.

The American Lung Association has customizable marketing materials available to promote Kickin’ Asthma through a variety of channels. – COMING SOON

The American Lung Association has been in a leader in asthma management in schools for three decades. The Asthma in Schools landing page on has many resources for school personnel and community advocates working with students and families.

The American Lung Association has a wide range of program and advocacy initiatives that can provide a meaningful experience for you and maybe even the families you serve, from joining the Lung Action Network, to sharing your story, or participating in a community event, such as the Fight for Air Climb or LUNG FORCE Walk. Your Lung Association staff contact would be happy to talk to you about local options. Consider inviting a Lung Association representative to present at an upcoming meeting about the work the American Lung Association is doing in your community and ways to get involved in our mission of saving lives by preventing lung disease and promoting lung health.

Page last updated: June 7, 2024

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