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The American Lung Association of Indiana, in conjunction with the Indiana State Department of Health, performs administrative duties surrounding TB validation classes intended for health care professionals to give TB skin tests and follow-up evaluations.

We have Instructors and Trainers located throughout the State of Indiana who teach the following programs:

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Basic Tuberculosis Education Program

The participant must successfully complete the ISDH free IN-TRAIN online course at Select ISDH TB Basic Course #1084082. He/she must then successfully complete the American Lung Association in Indiana TB Competency Validation Check-off session within 60 days. Find a location and contact the instructor for times and fees. This card is valid for three years.

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Instructor Tuberculosis Education Program

This course is designed to teach the instructor candidate how to instruct the American Lung Association in Indiana TB Competency Validation. All materials, procedures and policies for leading the skills demonstration of administration, reading, and recording of Mantoux TSTs will be covered. The need to carefully assess and meet the needs of each Basic Participant is stressed. You must hold the Basic TB Competency Validation Card for six months and hold either an Indiana Professional License or a 4-year degree in a health-related major to be eligible to take this class.

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