California One of the States with the Best Grades in National Annual State of Tobacco Control Report; Highlights Flavored Tobacco in Local Grades Report

For over 20 years, the annual “State of Tobacco Control” report has graded state and federal government on their implementation and enforcement of policies proven to combat tobacco use. Once again, California finds itself as one of the Nation’s leaders regarding Smokefree Air, Tobacco Prevention Programs, and other key areas.   California’s Quitline Funding  grade in Cessation Services remains an A“A”. While California continues to push for new and effective tobacco control policies, it is apparent that local policy change lies at the heart of the state’s fight against growing tobacco use. In conjunction with the national report, the State of Tobacco Control 2024- California Local Grades report issues grades for all 482 cities and 58 counties in California on policies for Smokefree Outdoor Air, Smokefree Housing, Flavored Tobacco and Reducing Sales of Tobacco Products. This report identifies progressive local government as the driving force behind California’s tobacco reform. Despite widespread local level policy change, tobacco remains the nation’s leading cause of preventable death and disease, taking an estimated 480,000 lives each year. It is essential that California continues to push for protection of all residents. The American Lung Association and its partners continue to call for immediate action to reduce smoking rates, protect all Americans from secondhand smoke, and ultimately eliminate the deaths and diseases caused by tobacco use.

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