Electric Vehicle Reports

A series of reports illustrating the urgency of a widespread and rapid transition to zero-emission vehicles, coupled with clean, non-combustion electricity, to protect health across the United States.

The American Lung Association is working to make transportation pollution-free across the country.

A nationwide shift to zero-emission technologies, like electric cars and trucks, will bring major public health benefits through cleaner air and reduced climate pollution. This transition away from gasoline, diesel and natural gas and to zero-emission transportation is already underway, from states showing leadership in establishing zero-emission vehicle standards to the federal government making historic investments in technology and infrastructure.

Our reports show the health benefits of a zero-emission future.

NEW: Boosting Health for Children

Benefits of Zero-Emission Transportation and Electricity

Highlights that a widespread shift to zero-emission vehicles and electricity could significantly decrease the health risks for children in the United States.

Released February 2024

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Driving to Clean Air

Health Benefits of Zero-Emission Cars and Electricity

Highlighting the benefits that a widespread transition to zero-emission passenger vehicles and electricity would have on health.

Released June 2023

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Delivering Clean Air

Health Benefits of Zero-Emission Trucks and Electricity

Focusing attention of the health benefits of zero-emission technologies along major U.S. trucking routes.

Released October 2022

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Zeroing in on Healthy Air

Health and Climate Benefits of Zero-Emission Transportation and Electricity

Shows the public health and climate benefits if the U.S. accelerates a widespread transition to a zero-emission transportation sector, coupled with non-combustion, renewable electricity sources like wind and solar.

Released March 2022

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  • Prior research on zero-emission technologies
    Previous report: “The Road to Clean Air,” released in 2020. This report uses different methodology from “Zeroing in on Healthy Air,” “Delivering Clean Air” and “Driving to Clean Air.”

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