Driving to Clean Air

Health Benefits of Zero-Emission Cars and Electricity

"Driving to Clean Air: Health Benefits of Zero-Emission Cars and Electricity" highlights that a widespread transition to zero-emission passenger vehicles and electricity would drastically improve health across the United States.

Transportation is a major source of harmful air pollution, health disparities and climate pollution in the United States.

As zero-emission passenger vehicles become more common and policies and investments increasingly shift from polluting combustion technologies to pollution-free cars and electricity generation, communities across the country will see dramatic improvements in air quality and reductions in health impacts and disparities in pollution burdens.

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Key Findings

By achieving 100 percent zero-emission passenger vehicle sales and non-combustion clean electricity generation by 2035, the national, cumulative health benefits could reach the following levels by 2050:

Tell EPA: Make Cars and Trucks Cleaner

Call on the United States Environmental Protection Agency to adopt stronger standards this year to clean up pollution from cars and trucks and spur the transition to zero-emissions.

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