Wear Turquoise for Lung Cancer Action Week – Join the American Lung Association in turning the nation turquoise to celebrate 10 years of LUNG FORCE, raise awareness of lung cancer and encourage everyone take action to end the disease.

The annual Turquoise Takeover and Lung Cancer Action Week (May 6-12, 2024) unites America to stand together against lung cancer through a “turquoise takeover”, the signature color of LUNG FORCE, by illuminating buildings and landmarks across the U.S., encouraging the public to wear turquoise and post a selfie on social media, and telling stories of those impacted by lung cancer to raise awareness of the disease and save more lives. 

Visit to learn how you can get involved during Lung Cancer Action Week and Turquoise Takeover.

‘State of the Air’ Report Reveals Worst Air Quality Days in 25 Years - The American Lung Association’s new “State of the Air” report reveals that spikes in deadly particle pollution are the most severe they’ve been in the history of the report. According to the new report, people in the U.S. experienced the most days with “very unhealthy” and “hazardous” air quality due to particle pollution in 25 years. In total, the report finds that 131 million people (39%) are living in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. Learn more.

New Campaign Raises Awareness of Occupational COPD –Depending on your work environment, you may be at risk of occupational chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). While smoking is a significant risk factor for the disease, long-term exposure to dust, chemicals, fumes and vapors from the workplace may also lead to COPD. To help people identify workplace risk factors and encourage them to speak with their healthcare provider if they are experiencing symptoms, the American Lung Association is launching a campaign to raise awareness for occupational COPD. Learn more.


Walk, Run or Socialize for Lung Health this Spring – There are different options to support our efforts to defeat lung disease this spring. Join a local LUNG FORCE Walk or Run/Walk near you. Or if socializing with colleagues, family and friends is what you enjoy, our Gala celebrations provide a venue for honoring those who support our mission, while sharing an evening of good food and entertainment; all for a worthy cause. Find an event near you.


LUNG FORCE Celebrates 10th Anniversary: 2024 commemorates a decade since the American Lung Association launched LUNG FORCE with the goal of uniting those impacted by lung cancer. The vision was not only to create a community, but to raise awareness and inspire action to defeat the leading cancer killer.  Part of the 2014 launch was creating a safe space for patients and caregivers to share their stories, resulting in thousands of LUNG FORCE Heroes raising awareness about this disease. 

Our new video also provides an inspirational look back at the impact LUNG FORCE has had on lung cancer awareness and research. 


$3 Million Research Partnership to Intercept Lung Cancer 

In a collaborative effort to end lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, the American Lung Association and LUNGevity Foundation have joined forces to invest $3 million over the next three years in research aimed at intercepting lung cancer – catching precancerous cells and blocking them from turning into cancer cells. This on-going partnership brings together leading scientists dedicated to investigating early molecular and other changes that lead to cancer development, with the ultimate goal of stopping lung cancer before it begins. Learn more


Stay Informed about Asthma

During May, the American Lung Association supports 26.8 million people in the US living with this chronic disease by sharing resources that help address challenges to managing and treating asthma such as climate change, extreme heat and medication changes. Here are a few ways that you can stay informed about asthma:

  1. Learn more about asthma programs (including our new Breathe Well, Live Well Plus) at
  2. Learn more about asthma and excessive heat at
  3. Advocate for increased funding for the CDC’S National Asthma Control Program and support the Family Asthma Act
  4. Support asthma research.

For more information, please visit

Asthma Awareness Month Learning Opportunities

Every year in May, the American Lung Association recognizes Asthma Awareness Month with educational opportunities for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. This May, we are offering: 

Asthma & COPD Lung Health Navigator Education Series

The Asthma for Life and COPD for Life Lung Health Education Series are accepting referral partners and participants. Both programs provide free customized, individual telephonic or video option disease self-management education for COPD and through the Asthma Breathe Well, Live Well curriculum. Complimentary membership to the Patient & Caregiver Network is provided. Learn more and join today at the

Asthma Educator Institute Slated for June

Join us for the next virtual Asthma Educator Institute on June 4, 5 and 7, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT each day. The Asthma Educator Institute is open to healthcare professionals like respiratory therapists, physicians, community health workers and more who care for patients living with asthma. This program offers CME and CEU credits and is designed as a preparatory course for NBRC AE-C exam but is open to any individual looking to implement asthma guidelines-based care. Find more information and register on our website. Additional questions? Email [email protected].   

Stop Youth Vaping with INDEPTH® 

The American Lung Association’s INDEPTH program is the alternative to suspension program that teaches young people about the risk factors to nicotine addiction and ways to quit vaping. It’s time to ditch in-school and out-of-school suspension and vape detector punitive measures and provide education and support to help teens understand tobacco product use and learn about alternatives to lead healthier tobacco-free lifestyles. Let’s make INDEPTH the new norm for ending youth vaping! Check out the 90 second digital ad, Stop Youth Vaping with INDEPTH, and for questions, email [email protected] 

Lung Health Navigator Education Series

The Asthma for Life and COPD for Life Lung Health Education Series are live and accepting referral partners and participants. Both programs provide free customized, individual telephonic or video option disease self-management education for COPD and through the Asthma Breathe Well, Live Well curriculum. Complimentary membership to the Patient & Caregiver Network is provided.  Learn more and join today at the  

Join the Patient & Caregiver Network

Join the Patient & Caregiver Network (PCN) during the month of May and receive a digital or hardcopy version of a health journal. PCN is a free membership providing education, support and access to research. Benefits include 11 online communities hosted on, monthly emails to stay informed, lung disease management tools and more.

Launching this month, PCN Connections are monthly discussion groups for individuals living with lung cancer, asthma, COPD and other lung diseases where you can learn from our expert Lung Health Navigators as they share information on a specific topic and connect with others who share a similar experience. Learn more and register.

NEW COPD National Indicator Report  (funder approved, cannot be edited)

COPD National Indicator Report provides an overview of COPD prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment. It also highlights and addresses health inequities related to COPD. In this report, you will find information about COPD and    

  • women  
  • rural communities  
  • smoking history 
  • occupations 
  • income  
  • education  

Download your copy of the COPD National Indicator Report.  


New EPA Rules Clean Up Emissions from Power Sector

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new rules that will save lives and protect the environment. EPA updated the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plants which will prevent lifelong harm. EPA already has a track record of success in cleaning up mercury and other dangerous emissions from coal-fired power plants. Now, these updated standards will build on that success by reducing these emissions even further. Learn more. 

EPA also announced rules to clean up other emissions from the power sector. These new rules will curb emissions of carbon pollution from new gas-fired power plants and existing coal-fired power plants. The rules are an important step in reducing the carbon pollution that causes climate change. Cleaning up greenhouse gas emissions from coal- and gas-burning power plants will help stave off the worsening of climate change and its many health impacts. Learn more.

Biden Administration Announces Yet Another Delay to the Menthol Cigarette Rule

On April 26, the Biden administration announced it would further delay the rule to end the sale of menthol cigarettes. In response, the Lung Association released a statement expressing our deep dismay about the continued delay. The Lung Association will continue our work for a tobacco-free future by advocating for this rule to eliminate menthol cigarettes and other proven effective tobacco control policies on the local, state and federal levels.

Reducing Health Harms in Communities Near Chemical Manufacturing

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated rules that will help reduce health harms in communities located near chemical manufacturing facilities. This is an important step in cleaning up dangerous air toxics that can have devastating effects on the lungs. The updated EPA rules are the New Source Performance Standards for the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry and the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. Learn more

New CDC Tool to Help Kids with Asthma

Hot days present a higher risk to children with asthma, those who are pregnant and adults with cardiovascular diseases. In an effort to keep them safe when temperatures rise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA), released the nation’s first health-based heat alert system and heat guidance for clinicians and tips and action plans for children with asthma. Learn more.


“It’s So Important to Never Miss a Scan” - Donna T shares her story about how not one, but two cancer diagnoses years apart were caught and treated. Her journey includes finding the American Lung Association, a community of black women with lung cancer and her passion for advocacy.

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