Kayla Goliwas, PhD

Kayla Goliwas, PhD

Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Project: Combining Immune Checkpoint Therapy and Interlukin-6 Targeting to Enhance the Anti-Tumor Immune Response

Grant(s): Catalyst Award

Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer continues to be a major clinical challenge. A new combination of therapies targeting infiltrating immune suppressive cells, which promote tumor progression, may increase the body’s anti-tumor immune response. Therefore, this treatment strategy is of great interest. This study aims to evaluate the potential to combine current clinically utilized immune directed therapy with inhibition of one pathway involved in the accumulation of immune suppressive cells within the tumor, interleukin-6 signaling, to increase therapeutic effect.

Asthma Educator Institute
, | Jul 11, 2022
Freedom From Smoking Virtual Clinic
San Jose, CA | Oct 24, 2022