Christopher Mosher, MD, MHS

Christopher Mosher, MD, MHS

Duke University School of Medicine

Research Project:
Is the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Increased After Acute Exacerbation COPD?

Grant Awarded:

  • ACRC Early Career Investigator

Research Topic:

  • risk factors

Research Disease:

  • COPD

Patients with COPD commonly die from cardiovascular disease (CVD). Current evidence suggests that patients are at increased risk of CVD events up to a year following an acute exacerbation of COPD (AECOPD). This is a sudden worsening in airway function and breathing symptoms in patients with COPD. However, questions remain about whether this applies to all COPD patients and which patients could be at highest risk. We will investigate the risk of CVD after AECOPD in a diverse U.S. population. Currently, AECOPD guidelines recommend therapies focused on improving lung health. However, it is unknown if well-established treatments to prevent CVD (such as aspirin) are also beneficial at reducing CVD after AECOPD. We will perform initial testing evaluating if an aspirin therapy clinical trial would be feasible. Our results will improve the knowledge of CVD in patients with AECOPD and could lead to improved outcomes in patients with COPD.

Page last updated: January 26, 2023

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