Vape-Free Schools Initiative

Be a leader in supporting students with guidance, education and cessation.

What Is the Vape-Free School Initiative?

One in four teens has vaped, and the number of middle and high school students using e-cigarettes further increased to 5.4 million in 2019, prompting the U.S. Surgeon General to call youth vaping an "epidemic."

Through our Vape-Free Schools Initiative, the American Lung Association is helping schools navigate this public health emergency with tools to protect and support both schools and students. 

Being recognized as a member of the American Lung Association Vape-Free Schools Initiative means that your school is a leader in supporting students affected by e-cigarettes, offering clear guidance, education and cessation. With a toolkit of resources, we will help you share your efforts with students, parents, staff and community.

Video Transcript

Over 5.4 million kids in the United States vape, and that number has increased steadily increased over the past several years.The Surgeon General has called vaping a youth epidemic. The American Lung Association is offering a solution.

Through our Vape-Free Schools Initiative, schools are now able to help middle and high school students who are addicted or caught vaping on campus.

Nearly 8,000 kids start vaping every day, and this comprehensive initiative helps schools help their students become healthier and free of a lifetime of addiction.

This includes two new online trainings for school faculty and community partners on how to implement programs to help their students become vape-free.

INDEPTH is an alternative to suspension for students caught vaping or using tobacco products in school. This online training will allow educators to implement a program that addresses nicotine dependence and motivates students to quit.

Not On Tobacco is the answer for schools ready to offer a vaping and smoking cessation program to students. Through NOT, facilitators are trained to help students work together to break their addiction to vaping or smoking.

These programs are evidence-based and proven-effective, and are presented in a user-friendly, intuitive training platform.

Schools who complete these two online programs and a short survey can become part of the American Lung Association's Vape-Free Schools Initiative, which provides a toolkit of resources and tools and allows schools to offer an important solution to a nationwide epidemic.

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What's Your School's Score?

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How to Join the Vape-Free Schools Initiative

To be a member of the initiative, one or more of your school personnel or designated community partners must complete the Vape-Free Schools Initiative training programs and policy assessment, available on our user-friendly, intuitive online platform. Here's what's included:

1. Alternative to Suspension Program

Teens are getting addicted to vaping and instead of getting education or support, they are getting suspended from school or facing other disciplinary measures. Our INDEPTH® program is a new way to help. The Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco and Health is a four-session program facilitated in either a one-on-one or group setting. Instead of focusing on punitive measures, INDEPTH teaches students about nicotine dependence, establishing healthy alternatives and how to kick the unhealthy addiction.

Any adult can become a facilitator by taking this free one-hour online training and using the provided resources.

2. Vaping Education & Tobacco Cessation Program

Kids are becoming addicted to vaping in increasing numbers and are unable to quit on their own—just like with traditional cigarettes. Not On Tobacco® (N-O-T) was designed with teenagers in mind. It takes a holistic approach with each session using different interactive learning strategies based on Social Cognitive Theory of behavior change. This encourages a voluntary change for youth ages 14 to 19.

Adults can become facilitators of this 10-session program for $400 a person and training includes a 3-year certification.

NOTE: If you are taking the N-O-T Youth Tobacco Cessation facilitator training course, INDEPTH will automatically be included.

3. Vape-Free School Policy Assessment

By including e-cigarettes in a tobacco-free school policy, your school recognizes that vaping is a health, safety and environmental hazard for students and schools. Through this brief school policy assessment, you can see how your school can improve your policies in order to provide your students, employees and visitors with clear guidance.

Upon completion of the N-O-T facilitator course, facilitators can access this assessment for free.

Once the training programs and assessment are completed, your school will be recognized as an American Lung Association Vape-Free School. You'll also have access to the Vape-Free Schools Toolkit which includes ways to share your accomplishments with students and parents, staff and community members.

Get Started

Visit our online learning platform to register and get started with the Vape-Free Schools Initiative.

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