Lung Association Disappointed Politics Prioritized Over Public Health in Connecticut

Connecticut fails to adopt regulations to better protect public health against transportation pollution

The Connecticut Legislative Regulations Review Committee failed to approve the Advanced Clean Cars II, Advanced Clean Trucks and Low NOx Omnibus rules to reduce emissions from new vehicles sold in Connecticut. These rules would have ensured vehicles ranging from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks would become cleaner over time while the state transitioned to zero-emission vehicles over the coming decades. These policies would have saved lives and reduced asthma attacks by cleaning the air and worked to curb climate pollution that threatens public health.  

Ruth Canovi, Director of Advocacy with the American Lung Association in Connecticut, issued the following statement in response:  

“The Lung Association is extremely disappointed and concerned that politics won out over commonsense policymaking in Connecticut today, despite passed legislation and non-partisan recommendations in favor of the Advanced Clean Cars II and Advanced Clean Trucks rules. Unfortunately, a misinformation campaign fueled by the fossil fuel industry won and Connecticut residents will pay the price. The Lung Association is in strong support of the Advanced Clean Cars and Advanced Clean Trucks Regulations and dismayed that Connecticut is now positioned to be the only clean car state from Virginia to Vermont to leave our residents out of these strong public health, climate change and health equity policies this year. 

“It is critical that the legislature come back in February and pass these policies into law.  Connecticut has benefitted from two decades of participation in prior clean car standards and failing to approve these regulations is a missed opportunity. Connecticut has the worst ozone  east of the Mississippi River and our elected leaders must take action to protect residents from the harmful health impacts of transportation pollution.” 

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