Climbing toward a future free of lung disease

Supporting people who struggle for every breath
This year marks 13 years since Patrick Mosher has tackled the stairs to support people with lung disease as a part of the American Lung Association in Minnesota’s Fight for Air Climb.

Mosher was diagnosed with COPD in 2010. "My particular case of COPD is that my exhale is now about 30% as efficient as someone else of my same age.  That means my lungs have a really hard time getting rid of carbon dioxide on my exhale.  The result is I get out of breath really fast without much exertion."
The Fight For Air Climb Event plays a significant role for Mosher. Not only does he climb for himself, but he is honoring his family who are fighting their own battle, too. “My brother also has COPD.  My other brother has COPD, too.  None of us are smokers.  Never have been,” he said. “My dad died of emphysema and so did his brother.  In fact, my brother’s son, Peter, died of COPD at the age of 32.  He was a cross-country runner and did his PhD in physical therapy.”

For the past few years, climbing stairs has not been as easy as it used to be for Mosher.  “I approach the climb with quite a bit of trepidation. It’s hard,” he said. “I wear an SPO2 oxygen monitor during the climb, so I know when to stop and rest.  Catch my breath.  It’s an ordeal. And it’s worth it!”
His determination and love of life is what inspires him to keep going and keep climbing, even through all the adversity he’s facing.

“In November of 2021, my pulmonologist told me it was time to put my name in for a lung transplant.  Stage IV COPD.  Time for me to tie a knot in the end of my rope and hang on. Yet, I’m not depressed or fearful.” Mosher added. “In fact, I’m leaning into life more than ever.  What we say and what we do matters.  Every breath counts. Be mindful of what you breathe in and what you put into the world. Let’s build a better world for future generations.”

Mosher looks forward to climbing another year and his goal is to repeat as the Top Fundraiser at this year's climb. “The American Lung Association is my way of leaving a legacy -- gifting clear, clean, deep breaths to my grandkiddies.”

He will join hundreds of other stair climbers with similar stories at Allianz Field, on Saturday, May 6 at 8.a.m.
Mosher is available for interviews about the climb, and you can contact James Martinez at E: [email protected]g or O: 312-445-2501 for requests.

For more information about the Twin Cities Climb, and to register, visit
For more information, contact:

James A. Martinez
(312) 445-2501
[email protected]

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