American Lung Association Applauds MGM Resort International for Smokefree Reopenings

Today, the American Lung Association issued a statement regarding the announcement of Park MGM’s decision to open smokefree:

“We applaud the decision of MGM Resort International for adopting a smokefree workplace policy for Park MGM and NoMad Las Vegas. This policy will protect the health of workers and customers from dangerous secondhand smoke and e-cigarette emissions. Most of MGM Resort International’s U.S. properties are now at least temporarily smokefree, and we encourage them to make all U.S. properties smokefree permanently.

Almost 15 years ago, the U.S. Surgeon General concluded there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke and that eliminating smoking in indoor spaces is the only way to fully protect people from exposure. In addition to protecting the public from secondhand smoke, a smokefree casino protects the health of workers and customers by reducing transmission of COVID-19 via smokers who are not wearing masks. During the COVID-19 epidemic, it is imperative we protect people from secondhand smoke and do everything we can to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer and heart disease and worsens existing health conditions including asthma and COPD. Everyone deserves the chance to lead a healthy life, and that means having a safe work environment free from the health harms associated with secondhand smoke.

The American Lung Association will continue to advocate for strong smokefree laws and policies. We strongly urge other casinos in Nevada to adopt a similar smokefree policy for the health and safety of casino workers and patrons alike.”

 - JoAnna Strother, Senior Advocacy Director, American Lung Association

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